Google Ad Audits.

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Hugh Stephens
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My audit recipe.


Core Recommendations

A detailed overview of what you are currently doing well and areas for improvement.

Includes recommendations on:

- Account, Campaign & Ad Group settings & structure
- Bid management
- Keywords strategy
- Traffic & targeting quality
- Negative keyword strategy
- Ad copy


Data Analysis

An in-depth look at your data, spot trends and solve specific account issues.


- Demographic & segment analysis
- Search term & keyword performance analysis
- Ad copy performance analysis
- Ad copy & keyword nGram script analysis
- Analysis into other marketing channels (Google Analytics)


Business Goals

A deep-dive into your data quality, marketing funnels, landing pages to see how PPC fits into your other marketing efforts and business goals.


- Tracking audit (document provided)
- Funnel recommendations
- Landing Page/conversion-rate recommendations
- Dynamic PPC dashboard for further analysis

“Thanks, Michael for providing your detailed Adwords audit report. The feedback was really helpful for the team. We hired Michael to audit the ad words data. The data was really helpful to optimize the campaigns.” 

Garuav Singh

Google Ads Audit

Example Google ads audits

See past audits, to get an idea of what you can expect from your account review.

*Note, each one is cookie-cutter advice.

My audit process.


Initial Call

A quick call to identify the scale of your account and the depth of audit required.



Compiling your final audit report with 10-20 pages of insights & recommendations.

*2-3 weeks turnaround


Diagnosis Call

A one hour video call to go over the audit findings with you.

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