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AI PPC Tools for Google Ads

Get inspirations and ideas for your ads with our Google Ads AI tools.

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How does the AI Ad Copy Generator work?

The tool scrapes your webpage and based on your content and by following best practices and Google Ads character limits creates headlines and description for your ad copy.

Are there any guidelines or best practices for writing ad copy?

Yes, some general best practices include:

  • Keeping it concise and to the point.
  • Using strong action verbs.
  • Highlighting benefits over features.
  • Addressing the audience’s needs or problems.
  • A/B testing to find the most effective copy.
How long should my Google Ads ad copy be?

Google Ads has specific character limits for headlines and descriptions. Typically, headlines can be up to 30 characters, and descriptions up to 90 characters. It’s essential to stay within these limits while conveying your message effectively.

What are the key components of a successful ad copy?

A successful ad copy should be clear, concise, relevant to the audience, and have a compelling call-to-action (CTA). It should also highlight the unique selling points (USPs) of the product or service.

What is the AI Negative Keywords Generator?

Our free AI Negative Keywords Generator is an AI tool designed to generate a list of negative keywords for your Google Ads campaigns. The tool uses AI algorithms to analyze your website’s homepage to suggest negative keywords that would help refine your target audience and save ad spend.

How to know which are good negative keywords for my Google Ads campaigns?

Good negative keywords are typically words or phrases that are irrelevant to your products or services and unlikely to be used by your target audience. Identifying them involves understanding your target audience and their search behavior, as well as analyzing the irrelevant traffic or non-converting clicks your ads receive.

What is the AI Keyword Ngram Tool?

The AI Keyword Ngram Tool is a sophisticated software that scrapes the content of any webpage and extracts ngrams to identify the most commonly used keywords.

How is Ngram Analysis useful in PPC optimization?

Ngram analysis helps advertisers in two main ways:

  • Finding new, high-converting keywords.
  • Excluding existing, budget-wasting keywords.
What is the Google Ads AI Keyword Tool and how does it help me in creating ad campaigns?

The Google Ads AI Keyword Tool is an automated tool that leverages AI to scrape your website’s homepage and generate a list of relevant keywords that align with your products, services, and content. This keyword list is essential for creating ad campaigns as it helps in reaching the target audience based on what they might be searching for on Google.

How to know which are good keywords for my Google Ads campaigns?

Good keywords for your Google Ads campaigns are relevant to your products or services, align with the search terms your target audience uses, and have a decent search volume. The Google Ads AI Keyword Tool can assist in identifying such keywords by analyzing your homepage content.

What is the Example Search Terms tool?

Example search terms tool helps you find relevant and irrelevant search terms for your domain.