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Google Ads Search Term AI Review Tool

Bulk review Google Ads search terms with the help of AI

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How does it work?


Get your API token

Make an account at Open AI and get your API access token.


Paste in your search terms

Get the terms your want the AI to review into the sheet.


Drag down + see magic ✨

Drag down the formula to get the results.

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How to use this tool?

To use this sheet you will need to make an account and copy your API key into the Settings tab of this sheet


Settings Tab

  • Paste your API key into Cell B2 of the Settings tab in the sheet
  • Fill out the information on your target client in the Settings tab: Cell B3:B5



Main AI Formula:  =SEARCHTERM()

Clean result formula: =arrayformula(IF(B2:B=””,””,VALUE(B2:B)))

  • Paste all your search terms in Column A
  • Drag down the formula in Column B (slowly, if you do too many cells at once you may get an error)
  • In Column B, the AI will return a number from 1-10 on how relevant it views the search term
  • Column C cleans up this value and makes it easier to see red flags

Frequently Asked Questions

I get ERRORs

It may be because you sent too many requests to OpenAI (you dragged down too many cells). 

The amount of requests you can use at once are limited by the openAI API right now (this is not ideal for bulk processing search terms ofc, but this tool is a proof of concept and now we just need a bit more power behind it).

I’m working on improving this, so that it never give an erorr.

I get this error "Exception: Request failed for https://api.openai.com returned code 429..."

You are sending too many requests to OpenAI. They are throttling your requests or you have used up you free token limit. 

Note: OpenAI has a free trial limit on the number of requests you can send of $18, you might hit it.

It doesn't work (no errors)

Try copying the template again. Make sure you have added your secret API key and read through all the instructions above. Otherwise message me on Linkedin if it still doesn’t work. 

Can I download this as an excel file?

No, downloading the sheet as an excel file.

It also won’t work if you download it & re-upload it.

Want to receive updates on the progress of this script?

No spam, i promise!