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Should You Bid On Your Brand Traffic? [SaaS Google Ads]

Hello, SaaS pioneers! Have you dabbled in the realm of Google Ads for a bit?

If so, you’ve likely faced the pressing question: “Should I bid on my brand traffic?” 

Like many, I’ve oscillated between both sides of the argument, often within the same day, illustrating how our choices hinge on our unique situations.

The Two Camps of Thought

There are two firmly entrenched camps in this debate. 

One group contends, “I’m bound to get that traffic anyway, so why should I shell out extra for it?” 

Conversely, there are those who deem this standpoint too confident, offering alternative viewpoints that can guide you to an informed decision based on your unique SaaS business needs.

The Threat of Poaching

One critical factor to bear in mind is ‘poaching.’ 

This is when other businesses bid on your brand traffic. 

They may not be direct competitors, but they offer alternatives to your audience. 

Consider this: if you’re a SaaS company providing CRM solutions, you might bid on traffic of a company offering ERP systems, as you provide an alternative solution for those seeking efficient business processes. 

If you’re falling prey to traffic poaching, it’s prudent to bid on your brand traffic. 

This tactic not only ensures you pay less than your rivals, but also bolsters your relevance and shields your ad budget.

The Impact of Your Presence in the Auction

If a competitor is bidding on your brand while you’re not, they’re likely paying significantly less than they would if you were part of the auction. Google’s auction system rewards relevance. 

The more relevant you are, the higher you rank, and consequently, the less you pay. 

By joining the auction, you establish a base price, potentially making it costlier for your competitors.

Understanding Conversion Patterns

Bidding on your brand traffic can reveal vital insights into effective conversion strategies. 

Despite the limitations of Google’s attribution model, bidding on branded traffic can uncover conversion paths that can inform your decisions for other campaigns, even those outside Google Ads.

Controlling Your SaaS Narrative

Another advantage of bidding on brand traffic lies in the control it offers over your SaaS brand’s story. 

You dictate the offer to present, create specific landing pages, and customize your remarketing efforts. 

This control can be invaluable, especially if your SaaS platform has diverse features or multiple solutions.

Balancing Your Brand Campaigns

But should you go all out on your brand campaigns? 

My recommendation is to keep things balanced. 

Concentrate on the 20% of branded traffic that produces 80% of the impact. Branded traffic, sitting at the bottom of the funnel, is easy to track, allowing you to identify what works best for your SaaS business. 

By restraining your spending on brand campaigns, you can strike a balance between efficiency and effectiveness.


Ultimately, the decision to bid on brand traffic is a personal one, dependent on your SaaS business’s specific circumstances and goals. 

It’s a careful balancing act of risks, and finding the perfect solution is a process of learning and adapting. 

Explore various reasons for bidding on brand traffic and experiment with diverse offers and tactics. 

And remember, we’re here to learn together. So, feel free to share your insights and experiences in the comments!

Michael Schroder

Michael Schroder

Michael Schroder is a Google Ads and SaaS marketing consultant. He has been managing $700k+ monthly ad spend and has worked with 200+ SaaS companies. The thing that makes him unique is his data-led approach and his focus on SaaS businesses.