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Data, Analytics & Reporting.

The data I mangle & wrangle

data analysis and reporting

I help you...

Answer questions

Uncover answers to the questions that you have that are holding you back from making key decisions. 

Spot high-leverage opportunities

Find the areas in your business that are generating 80% of your results…and ditch the rest.

Unite your team

Give your team the structure they need to be able to share and actually use their data to make decisions with the help of a clear data workflow & unified dashboards.

Mark is a fan 👇

“Working with Michael has been amazing…”

Mark Ankucic
Head of Marketing, SkedSocial.com

My data toolkit

Data Analysis and Reporting
data analysis and reporting

The industry data that gets me excited.





Example reports

Reports like these have helped:

🚀 Y42 figure out which countries and industries generate the bulk of their 'high quality' leads, allowing them to double down on these audiences.

🚀 ClearCalcs identify that Google Ads conversion rates were 3x higher than SEO conversion rates. Allowing them to re-allocate their marketing budget accordingly.

🚀 Sked Social understand that their return on ad spend for Google Ads was about 2 months. Letting them know their campaigns are profitable and ready to scale.

...what could they help you discover?

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Report Builds

Marketing, finance, customer insights, and more. Whatever the dashboard is I'll build it.


$3k / report

Data Analysis

An in-depth look into your CRM data to provide you with actionable business recommendations.


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Custom Data Stack

Build your dream SaaS reporting & analytics setup.


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“Michael was able to compile thorough market research on keywords, competitors and product profitability for a new product line launch. He created an easy to understand report/calculator which allowed me to change inputs for product pricing among other variables, to nail the pricing & product selection at launch.”

Dhruvin Patel
Founder, Ocushield.com (Featured on Dragons Den)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard KPIs that you use?

It depends on the specific SaaS company, but some of the KPIs that we use for our clients are: trial signups, trial activations, revenue generated, landing page conversion rate, ad click-through rate, etc. These give us the base for understanding the performance and in which areas we can improve.

Can you do a SaaS CRM data analysis?

Yes, I can do a CRM analysis in Salesforce, HubSpot and ActiveCampaign.

This will involve examining your CRM data to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, and providing recommendations for how to improve your customer relationships.

This could include things like identifying key customer segments, optimizing your customer engagement strategies, and improving your customer retention and loyalty.

Overall, a SaaS CRM data analysis can provide valuable insights and help you improve your customer relationships and drive growth for your business.

What kind of data visualizations or charting can you provide?

I build all my visualizations and reports in Google Data Studio and this is a dynamic reporting tool which means that you can segment your data on the fly. I can create any different type of chart that you want for your data.

Do you provide help with data-driven decision making?

Yes and I provide ongoing data analysis support.

Do you accept only one-off projects or require retainers?

I’m flexible, for this data analysis page I do one-off pricing, but if you need ongoing support for data analytics, then I can also provide that.

What does your reporting look like?

Feel free to have a look at some of the different reports that we’ve built until now.