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Google Ads for Finance Companies.

Stop burning ad spend and start running a profitable, scalable Finance Companies.

I help Finance Companies...

Gain confidence in your numbers

We all know the feeling od seeing positive results but not being sure whether we can rely on it being accurate. I help with tracking and measuring your numbers right from the beginning.

Improve profitability

Most paid ads guys ask you what your budget is. But you and I both know that that figure is pretty arbitrary. I focus on helping you reach maximum profitability first.

Scale your Finance Company

Through ongoing testing, I help you discover what works and what doesn’t so we can do more of the former and grow your paid users predictably.

“Michael is a true expert in Google Ads, PPC, and biddable media. He helped us to improve our game and re-wrote all the Ads text which lead to 100%+ conversion improvement. Good communication, reliable professional, highly recommended!”

Tamas Kadar
SaaS Founder, SEON.io (Featured in Forbes)

Finance clients I have helped at least 2x MRR

“Michael was incredibly helpful, super proactive and over-achieved the goals set: a) Reduce Google Ads Spend & b) Increase traffic. 

He carefully & proactively created a list of improvements measures, quick wins and executed.”

Gernot Schusser
SaaS Founder, LoanLink.de (Acquired by Baufi24)

PPC Search ads for Finance Companies

Convert users based on high-intent search keywords for your exact product and solution. Optimize bidding, keywords & ad copy to appear above your competitors.

Remarketing (ooh SaaS-y banners)

Re-engage site visitors who may not have been ready on their first visit. Stay top of mind, so that when they are ready, they come to you.

YouTube ads

Re-market to existing site visitors and discover new audiences to get your brand in front of with highly engaging video ads on YouTube.

“If you’re looking for an expert to build and watch over your SaaS’s Google Ad Campaigns like a hawk, Michael is your guy! Super intelligent, knows his stuff and overall a pleasure to work with. He has been a big part of our growth, can’t recommend him enough!”

George Armine
Head of Product (SaaS Startup) PayLaterTravel.com.au

Ready to grow your MRR?

See the results I've managed to achieve so far for other Finance clients.

“I have been working with Michael for years and he has helped us out to setup and maintain our PPC campaigns. 

We had some great years of growth in part thanks to Michael’s work.”

Julian Juenemann
Paid Membership Founder, MeasureSchool.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

I charge a fixed monthly fee for campaign management decided on a client-by-client basis. 

I don’t charge setup fees and you can cancel at any time.


Is there a limit to the number of campaigns you can run?

No, as long as it’s within the scope of the project. (i.e. not a completely different PPC channel)

How are you different from other agencies?

Well im not really an agency at all.

I’m a SaaS PPC specialist. 

So, unlike generic agencies working with me you get someone who knows SaaS in and out.
You benefit from receiving my full attention both in terms of PPC management, but also, with your holistic SaaS marketing strategy.

Do you offer other services apart from PPC?

I have a range of skills I bring to the table, including reporting, analytics, landing pages & creative direction, however, they all stem off of my PPC expertise.

I have a network of other SaaS-focused professional that I recommend though for SEO etc.

What SaaS funnels do you have experience with?
  • Free Trials
  • Freemium models
  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • Live Events
  • Demo Bookings
Do you make landing pages?

Not as a standalone service, but I do offer them as part of my PPC retainer service. 
I can also instruct your internal web dev team on the pages I need.

Do you make creatives?

I can with make them myself, work with your internal design team or refer you to SaaS designers I love for us to partner with.

How long does it take to get started?

It usually takes 1 week to get all the admin pieces sorted and then I’m ready to start building campaigns. 

How do you do reporting?

I have a proven approach to reporting in Data Studio which allows for close monitoring of KPIs. 

All data is dynamic and you can check in at any time between our meetings. 

How will we receive updates?

We will have a weekly screen-share call together to go over all KPIs in our report & discuss followup actions.