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Google ad audits.

Fix your google ads for profitability so you can scale.

“Michael did a great job auditing our Google Ads account and provided actionable advice for us to implement.”

Hugh Stephens
Founder, SkedSocial.com (Featured in Forbes)

50+ custom audits & accounts fixed for:

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“Michael’s auditing service is fantastic”

Trinity Fredrick
Agency Owner, Strawberry Media


Example audits

See past audits, to get an idea of what you can expect from your account review.

*Note, each one is unique...no cookie-cutter advice.

Select your plan:


A detailed overview of what you are currently doing well and areas for improvement.



Data Analysis

An in-depth look at your data, spot trends and solve specific account issues.

Everything in basic +


Business Goals

A deep-dive into your data quality, marketing funnels & landing pages to see how PPC is driving your business growth.

Everything in data analysis+


“Thanks, Michael for providing your detailed Adwords audit report. The feedback was really helpful for the team. We hired Michael to audit the ad words data. The data was really helpful to optimize the campaigns.” 

Garuav Singh
Co-Founder, theleanapps.com

My audit process.


Initial Call

A quick call to identify the scale of your account and the depth of audit required.



Compiling your final audit report with 10-20 pages of insights & recommendations.

*2-3 weeks turnaround


Diagnosis Call

A one hour video call to go over the audit findings with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors you consider when auditing a Google Ads account?

-Identifying and reducing wasted expenses
-Locating new opportunities
-Modifying management processes
-Discovering actionable insights
-Finding evidence that validates your assumptions
-Identifying whether the keyword to add to landing page flow makes sense. This is the biggest factor that causes ad accounts to underperform.
At each of these steps, there’s a key component:
1) Targeting – how clean and how targeted is your targeting? Are you targeting the right people?
2) Ad copy – are you capturing a large majority of those people.
3) The landing page – is your page converting and what could be causing the page to not convert?

Do you help with locating new opportunities?

Yes, all of my audits have sections on identifying new scaling opportunities to get more conversions.

How do you analyze Google Ads data?

In the data analysis plan, I include a full data analysis of your keywords, search terms, location data, demographic data, and much more to discover the segments that are driving the bulk of your performance. You’ll be provided with a doc of this analysis.

Do you accept only one-off projects or require retainers?

The Google Ads audit is a one-off service, but if you would like actions to be implemented from the audit, then that would require a monthly retainer.

How fast could we get started?

I can get started right away, but it takes three weeks to deliver the audit.

Will I have to commit to your agency long-term?

No, the audit fee is a one-off fee. You pay it once, you can hire someone else to implement the recommendations or you can hire me.

What does the audit look like?

There are examples on this page, which you can check out. The audit comprises of around a 10 to 20-page document, mapping out your whole account and business like a funnel, and giving you actionable recommendations on how to improve it.

How often should you audit your Google Ads account?

I would recommend auditing it every quarter so that you can benefit from re-evaluating which keywords are working and making decisions going from there based on the data that you’re collecting.

Can you help me reach the right audience with my keywords?

Audience targeting in an ad account is one of the biggest areas for improvement that I’ve seen with clients and it’s a big focus of my audits.

Can you improve my quality score?

I can give you advice on how to improve your quality score.