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Google Ads Duplicate Keyword Checker

Identify duplicate keywords in bulk! 

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How to use it?

*Also check out the  keyword gap analysis tool if you want to compare gaps between 2 sets of keyword lists


What is the Google Ads Duplicate Keyword Checker?

The Google Ads Duplicate Keyword Checker is a tool designed to scan a single list of keywords and identify any duplicates. This ensures that your keyword list is clean and optimized for your campaigns.

Why is it important to check for duplicate keywords?

Duplicate keywords can lead to unnecessary competition between your own ads, potentially driving up your costs. By identifying and removing duplicates, you can streamline your campaigns and optimize your ad spend.

How does the Duplicate Keyword Checker work?

The tool processes your keyword list and flags any repeated keywords, allowing you to easily spot and remove them.

Can I use this tool for platforms other than Google Ads?

While the tool is designed with Google Ads in mind, the principle of removing duplicate keywords is universal.

How often should I check for duplicate keywords?

It’s a good practice to check for duplicates whenever you add new keywords to your list or make significant changes to your campaigns.

Can I find duplicates from multiple lists with this tool?

No, but our Google Ads Keyword Gap Analysis tool can help you find duplicates and gaps between your 2 lists of keywords.