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SaaS Google ads management.

All the difference between burning VC money & driving profitable PPC growth.

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I help you:

Gain confidence in your numbers

We all know the feeling od seeing positive results but not being sure whether we can rely on it being accurate. I help with tracking and measuring your numbers right from the beginning.

Improve profitability

Most paid ads guys ask you what your budget is. But you and I both know that figure is pretty arbitrary. I focus on helping you reach maximum profitability first.


Through ongoing testing, I help you discover what works and what doesn’t so we can do more of the former to grow your account and business predictably.

“If you’re looking for an expert to build and watch over your Google Ad Campaigns like a hawk, Michael is your guy! Super intelligent, knows his stuff and overall a pleasure to work with. He has been a big part of our growth, can’t recommend him enough!”

George Armine
Head of Product, PayLaterTravel.com.au

Clients I have helped at least 2x MRR

“Michael was incredibly helpful, super proactive and over-achieved the goals set: a) Reduce Google Ads Spend & b) Increase traffic. 

He carefully & proactively created a list of improvements measures, quick wins and executed.”

Gernot Schusser
Founder, LoanLink.de (Acquired by Baufi24)

Search ads

Convert users based on high-intent search keywords for your exact product and solution. Optimize bidding, keywords & ad copy to appear above your competitors.


Re-engage site visitors who may not have been ready on their first visit. Stay top of mind, so that when they are ready, they come to you.

YouTube ads

Re-market to existing site visitors and discover new audiences to get your brand in front of with highly engaging video ads on YouTube.

My past performance

See the results I've managed to acheive so far for clients.

Select your growth plan:

Basic PPC

Basic account management


from $2k/month

Marketing Ops

Support with marketing ops: tracking, landing pages & CRO

Everything in Basic +

from $3k/month

Revenue Ops

Marketing & Sales ops support across multiple channels

Everything in Support +

from $5k/month

“I have been working with Michael for years and he has helped us out to setup and maintain our PPC campaigns. 

We had some great years of growth in part thanks to Michael’s work.”

Julian Juenemann
Founder, MeasureSchool.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept only one-off projects or require retainers?

For Google Ads management, a monthly retainer is required.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns you can launch?

No, there’s no limit to the number of campaigns I can launch, as long as it is within scope of the monthly fee that we’ve agreed upon.

How do I get started?

Just message me on WhatsApp on the website, email me at michael@twospouts.com or at hello@twospouts.com or message me on LinkedIn about how to get started.

What is your fee structure? Is it based on ad spend?

Our fee structure is loosely based on ad spend, management time required and scope of the project which will be discussed with you in our initial conversation.

What levels of advertising budgets do you require?

A minimum monthly budget of $10,000 a month is required.

Do you prefer to create new accounts or use the ones I already have?

I’m flexible, if you already have an ad account, I’m happy to use that. If you would like me to set up a new one that can also be done.

How often would you send updates?

It depends on the plan you’ve selected, but as a base level of communication, we have a regular call where we go over the campaign metrics and any other points of discussion.

Could there be any extra fees?

Not from our side, but there could be additional software fees if needed (e.g. for call tracking and landing pages).

How long until I get results?

We usually start to see results in the first 2 weeks of turning on campaigns, but the initial campaign research and launch take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. So including that setup maybe 5 to 6 weeks.

What does your reporting look like?

I do regular calls and go through a dynamic Google Data Studio report with you based on your conversion numbers. It includes a page of charts and tables to keep track of our performance over time as well as a second page for action items for myself and your team.