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Case studies and results.

See how I have helped clients grow their MRR with Google Ads. 

$250,000,/yr revenue in 1 year

$1,000,000/yr revenue in 1 year

$1,200,000/yr revenue in 3 years

I ❤️ happy clients

“If you’re looking for an expert to build and watch over your Google Ad Campaigns like a hawk, Michael is your guy! 

Super intelligent, knows his stuff and overall a pleasure to work with. He has been a big part of our growth, can’t recommend him enough!”

George Armine
Head of Product, PayLaterTravel.com.au

“Simply put Michael is an Adwords pro. He was able to compile thorough research on keywords and a potential future business opportunity.”

Dhruvin Patel
Founder, Ocushield.com (Featured on Dragons Den)

“Michael is a true expert in Google Ads, PPC, and biddable media. He helped us to improve our game and re-wrote all the Ads text which lead to 100%+ conversion improvement. Good communication, reliable professional, highly recommended!”

Tamas Kadar
Co-Founder, SEON.io (Featured in Forbes)

“I highly recommend Michael Schroder for his exceptional strategic experience and innovative thinking in the SaaS B2B marketing space. 

Michael was instrumental in helping us develop a content marketing playbook for Wink Reports, which is expanding globally into highly competitive markets.”

Donyale MacKrill
Head of Marketing, Wink.com

“I hired Michael on a consulting basis. He gave me clear insights into how to optimize my Google Shopping campaigns for best performance. 

Not only is an expert at PPC, but he is also a great teacher and explains concepts clearly and articulately.

Thank you, Michael!”

Tom Rozee
Founder, Rozee Digital

“Michael is great to work with, answers all questions thoroughly, and is super knowledgable at what he does.

Isaac Jeong
Founder, Jeong Media

“Thanks, Michael for providing your detailed Adwords audit report. The feedback was really helpful for the team. We hired Michael to audit the ad words data. The data was really helpful to optimize the campaigns.” 

Garuav Singh
Co-Founder, theleanapps.com

“Michael over-achieved the goals set: a) Reduce Google Ads Spend & b) Increase traffic.”

Gernot Schusser
Founder, LoanLink.de (Acquired by Baufi24)