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20 Stunning SaaS Landing Page Examples (+wireframe template)

Unlike your homepage, your landing page serves one specific conversion goal and that’s where its power lies. By being focused only on one conversion goal it has a bigger chance of converting.

What makes a landing page good?

A pattern of colors so you can identify them with the brand, animations and images, and text that helps the user identify with it and feel that this software is the solution to his/her problems.

A good landing page that converts well should have the following 5 essential components:

  • Clear unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Engaging hero shot
  • Irresistible benefits
  • Encouraging social proof
  • A strong call to action (CTA)

In this post, we’ll show you SaaS landing page examples, and we’ll provide you with our template for creating stunning landing pages for your SaaS business.


Our first example will be Hootsuite’s landing page.

Hootsuite’s landing page

They have an excellent overall page layout. There are no large blocks of text and you can easily understand what they offer immediately.

They have multiple CTAs, but that’s alright because they serve the same goal.

This landing page has all the essentials:

✅Clear unique selling proposition (USP)
✅Engaging hero shot
✅Irresistible benefits 
✅Encouraging social proof
✅A strong call to action (CTA)


Next up, we have a landing page from Wrike.

Wrike’s landing page

Even though it might seem like there’s too much going on at the start of this landing page, you can see right away what it’s about.

There are many animations of their product that help you see what the product looks like.

It also uses improvement metrics in its social proof section which would encourage a visitor to convert to a customer.

Wrike’s landing page social proof


Everybody knows what Semrush does by now, but even if they didn’t, one look at their landing page would make it crystal clear.

Semrush’s landing page

Their screenshots show the features of this tool and they are all well-explained.

In their closing argument, they have well-structured and firm social proof.

Semrush’s landing page social proof

After seeing all these awards, who could possibly doubt the quality of their software?


Here we got something different. Right next to the main headline you can see a well-designed animation.

Intercom’s landing page

The unique selling proposal can’t get much clearer than this. In just a few words they’ve succeeded to describe what it’s all about. 

That’s exactly the point, you want your hero section to make an immediate impact on your reader to get interested.

What’s interesting about their CTA button is that it doesn’t offer you to buy right away. It offers a demo to further prove the quality of their software.

The only thing that’s missing in their social proof section is a testimonial from a customer which is very good for keeping control of your brand narrative.


Here we have a landing page from Trainual.

Trainual’s landing page

This landing page directly shows their software’s dashboard. Their dashboard has a really cool design and that’s something they wanted to use to their advantage.

They have an interesting approach of showing a testimonial underneath each of the benefits of their software.


Started to like pages with lots of animations? If yes, we got a special one for you. Heyflow’s landing page is all about animations.

Heyflow’s landing page

All the features of their software are being displayed as gifs.

What’s interesting is that in their hero section there’s also a social proof section to help gain the immediate trust of visitors.


This hero section shows a massive confidence that this company has in this software. They’ve given a sneak peek of their product and offer a free tour.

GoCo’s landing page

Offering a demo or a tour can help reduce the churn rate. Whoever buys your product will already know exactly what they’re purchasing and there’s no room for disappointment.

They’re also showing social proof right away with their 5-star rating and where they’ve been featured.


Outbrain’s landing page

The blue and orange colors on this landing page create a specific theme. 

This pattern of colors will help with identifying with the brand. The next time you see this combination of colors, Outbrain will be the first that comes to your mind, without a doubt. 🙂

The main headline makes it clear what this platform is about and the supporting headline is there to set the expectations.

Everything is put into a number, which makes it easier for potential users to make their calculations and make a decision on their purchase.


“From chaos to clarity” is simple yet so effective. 

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes when the information is all over the place and that’s the feeling they’re using to their advantage.

CYREBRO’s landing page

USP is clear, but animations and images are definitely its strength.

The SOC solution section is a great example of how to visualize information.

CYREBRO’s SOC solution infographic


This example will show you that not all landing pages have to be long to be good. In some cases, short and sweet is a better choice.

GoTo’s landing page

USP directly displays their strengths – 250 participants and 14 days free trial which will prove their software is the right choice.

This LP just proves how confident they are in their tool. If I had a big company, I’d definitely be encouraged to try it out.


This is a good example of people over product approach.

Patriot’s landing page

This landing page with its USP puts the focus on the user as well as their software. 

A line as simple as “Love your business, but hate doing payroll?” can make a big difference by helping visitors identify as someone who needs this software. 

They also give an insight into their tool via screenshots for the 4 main use cases which takes all the guesswork out.

Overall a pretty straightforward landing page.


LastPass’ landing page

We’ve all forgotten our passwords on a few occasions and thought about using one password for everything (which isn’t the best idea). 

That’s exactly what LastPass uses to its advantage with their USP. Simple, yet so easy to identify with.

The only thing that’s missing on this landing page is reviews, which is something that everyone wants to see before making a commitment to invest.

However, they are offering the free version which allows you to see the software yourself.


Making sure that you don’t lose your photos is something we all care about and that’s the starting point of this landing page.

Photobucket’s landing page

They’re identifying with their potential customers with images of friends, family and pets which are guaranteed to be in your phone.

Now, this landing page is playing on its strength which is the photos and that’s what they’re all about.

I have to mention that there are no reviews which is one of the essentials for a great landing page. However, once also in this case there is a free trial to make up for it.


Here’s an interesting one. The supporting headline is actually proof of value.

StackAdapt’s landing page

Just from reading all the headlines throughout the page, you can understand what this software is all about. 

This is an important factor, as you must consider the visitors that will only skim through the headlines.


Walnut’s landing page

When you enter this landing page, you’re welcomed with a professional animation giving an insight into their software. 

Exceptional copywriting on this one. Very short landing page, but it has it all.

Constant Contract

Another example of a landing page focused on the potential clients rather than the product.

Constant Contract’s landing page

Their USP is focusing on the user’s needs and desires.

You’ll notice that in every image here there is a high number of likes. That’s exactly what their audience wants. These numbers would intrigue anyone interested in social media.


This one is a textbook example of how the landing pages should be made.

Qwilr’s landing page

It has all the essentials and the images are looking professional. All headlines are easy to read and understand.


Hero section provides everything needed to make a purchase decision. 

However, the lack of background and brand colors makes it miss the opportunity to get visitors to identify with their brand.

Front’s landing page

This landing page is filled with high-quality animations and an original social proof section. 

Front’s social proof


Here we have a well-known brand in the world of marketing.

HubSpot’s landing page

Every feature is backed up with a screenshot from their software. 

This is a pretty standard layout covering the essentials that any landing page should have.

Funnels and Conversions

Last, but not least!

We have something a bit different from our previous examples.

Funnels And Conversions’ landing page

Obviously, the desire of their target audience is to improve their revenue and that’s exactly what this copy is aimed towards.

Now here’s something interesting. They’re introducing their team to help the users familiarize themselves with them. 

Funnels And Conversions meet the team section

This is a very good tactic as the human factor can be really effective.

Our template

By checking all of these SaaS landing page design examples, you should be able to get an idea of what you should include when creating yours. 

To make it even easier for you, I’ve created a template for building landing pages.

This template covers all you need for a high-converting landing page.


Good landing pages make an impact at first sight. 

Your landing page should be optimized for both those who skim through the headlines and images and those who want to go in-depth.

✏️ Just by reading headlines readers should understand your offer.

Professional visuals and copy are what make your landing page stand out amongst the crowd. A good copy should always cover your ideal customer’s pain points.

Social proof is a must, they ensure your visitors that you’re a trusted source. If there are no reviews on your landing page, then users are most likely to leave your LP and search for reviews elsewhere or just leave entirely.

Call-to-action buttons should be of the same shape and color as well as serve the same purpose.

✏️ If you’re interested in improving your SaaS landing page performance, check out our handy guide.

Hopefully, these examples should help your SaaS business in achieving your goal of converting visitors into paying customers.

If you’d prefer to have it done for you, we’re offering landing page creation services.

Michael Schroder

Michael Schroder

Michael Schroder is a Google Ads and SaaS marketing consultant. He has been managing $200k-$300k monthly ad spend and has worked with 200+ SaaS companies. The thing that makes him unique is his data-led approach and his focus on SaaS businesses.