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PPC Tools By TwoSpouts


What is the AI RegEx Generator tool?

AI RegEx Generator is designed to help users create RegEx formulas without any knowledge about it.

You use it by inputting your raw input (e.g. website link, email) and then you input the desired output (which part of the raw input you’d like to be extracted).

Afterward, AI will provide you with the formula and an explanation to all specific parts of it. There’s also a link in which you can test out the generated formula.

What is the UTM Creator tool?

This UTM creator page is a tool that combines the Website URL, Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name into a single URL.

What is the Google Ads AI Keyword tool ?

The Google Ads AI Keyword tool is an automated tool that leverages AI to scrape your website’s homepage and generate a list of relevant keywords that align with your products, services, and content.

This keyword list comes in handy when you want to create ad campaigns, as it will help you reach the target audience based on what they might be searching for on Google.

What is the AI Negative Keywords Generator tool?

Our free AI Negative Keywords Generator is an AI tool designed to generate a list of negative keywords for your Google Ads campaigns.

The tool uses AI algorithms to analyze your website’s homepage to suggest negative keywords that would help refine your target audience and save ad spend.