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AI Google Ads Negative Keyword Generator

Generate Google Ads Negative Keyword Ideas for campaign planning with our AI Negative Keyword Generator.

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How to use it?

💡 If you want more (or just different) results, click on the Generate Negative Keywords button again.


What is the AI Negative Keywords Generator?

Our free AI Negative Keywords Generator is an AI tool designed to generate a list of negative keywords for your Google Ads campaigns. The tool uses AI algorithms to analyze your website’s homepage to suggest negative keywords that would help refine your target audience and save ad spend.

How can I get more results?

If you’d like more or different results, you can simply click on the ‘Generate Negative Keywords’ button again. The AI tool will run another analysis and produce a new set of negative keywords for your campaign.

What are negative keywords and how can they enhance the effectiveness of my Google Ads campaigns?

Negative keywords are types of keywords that prevent your ad from being triggered by certain words or phrases. They’re important in enhancing the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns as they filter out irrelevant traffic. This increases the likelihood that your ads will be seen by the most relevant audience, which can improve your click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and ROI.

How to know which are good negative keywords for my Google Ads campaigns?

Good negative keywords are typically words or phrases that are irrelevant to your products or services and unlikely to be used by your target audience. Identifying them involves understanding your target audience and their search behavior, as well as analyzing the irrelevant traffic or non-converting clicks your ads receive.

What are some common misconceptions about negative keywords?

Some common misconceptions about negative keywords include the belief that they are unnecessary or that they could limit the traffic to your ads excessively. However, well-chosen negative keywords are essential to prevent your ads from appearing for irrelevant searches, which in turn improves the overall performance of your ads and saves budget.

What is the difference between account-level and campaign-level negative keyword lists?

Account-level negative keyword lists apply to the entire Google Ads account, preventing your ads from showing for the specified terms across all campaigns within that account. On the other hand, campaign-level negative keyword lists apply only to the individual campaigns to which they’re added.

How can I apply a negative keyword list to multiple campaigns at once?

In Google Ads, you can apply a negative keyword list to multiple campaigns at once by navigating to the “Negative keyword lists” section in the Shared Library. After creating or selecting your negative keyword list, you can assign it to multiple campaigns by checking the boxes next to the campaigns you want to apply it to.

Can the Ai Negative Keywords Generator produce relevant keywords too?

No, but you can do so with our Google Ads AI Keyword Tool.